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“ We have been using NATURAL PET® products for the past 10 years and are confident using it as they are extremely efficacious, innovative, consistent and of high quality, provide safe relief to our patients. We are proud to be associated with NATURAL PET® to propel wholistic veterinary medicine into the 22nd century. ”

Dr. Jean-Paul Ly (Veterinary Surgeon)
Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre Pte. Ltd.



“ One of my Alaskan Klee Kai had bad skin problem, after 6 months upon arriving into Singapore, resulting in thinning of coat and the appearance of ‘blacken’ skin with bald patches near its tail area. I tried NATURAL PET® Skin & Coat Supplement, and to my delight I first noticed some clearing of his skin after 1 week. Within the next following 2 weeks, I notice tiny fur growing on the bald patches. And in another month of continued usage of the product, I am please to say that my once balding Klee Kai have a fuller set of coat and healthier skin (pinkish tones). ”

Owner: Melvin C Tan
Pet Name: Dig, Kel and Bella
Specialize: Klee Kai and Husky Breeder


Pet Owner - Sarie Simpson & Maverick.jpg

I am a proud owner of two JRTs and a Chihuahua. My 12 years old JRT “Maverick” has been on anti-inflammatory medicines and pain-killers / medicine only provided temporarily relief. Despite numerous visits to the vet and trying several kinds of joint supplements, there was no improvement and I was at my wit’s ends. Fortunately my groomer from Pet Affair recommended NATURAL PET® Super Multi with Glucosamine and after two weeks on it, Maverick was showing signs of improvement. Today, Maverick is as active / agile like his old self thanks to Pet Affair and NATURAL PET®.

Owner: Sarie Simpson
Pet Name: Scully and Maverick

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