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Chamomile Extract Plus Dusting Powder
  • Chamomile Extract Plus Dusting Powder

    • Chamomile Flower Extract as standardized extracts
    • Relieve itchiness, irritation and inflammation of the skin
    • Its antiseptic property helps to protect the skin from infections
    • Remove unpleasant odors
    • Prevent allergic reactions for sensitive skin

    Allergies are quite common in many breeds and some are genetically linked and are passed down from parents to offspring. When dogs and cats have allergies, they tend to scratch their skin, lick the paws, rub the face or have watery eyes.


    Chamomile flower is a well-known, well-tolerated, thoroughly investigated herb with a relatively wide therapeutic use in human and animals. It has been successfully used as an oral or topical therapy either alone or in combination with other herbs.

    Linden flower contains tiliroside which shows anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antioxidative effect. The beneficial effects are useful for the conditions of dry and sensitive skin.

    Natural Pet Chamomile Extract Plus Dusting Powder is specially formulated to provide symptomatic relief of skin irritations, inflammation and itching caused by skin diseases or other associated medical conditions. It contains 2 active ingredients - Chamomile Flower Extract and Linden Flower Extract. These standardized natural extracts contain high concentration of key constituents to ensure effectiveness.


    This herbal preparation is a natural approach for the management of allergy in pets instead of the use of pharmaceutical drug such as corticosteroids. It can be used as a preventative measure for pets with sensitive skin to minimize the occurrence of allergic reactions.


    It is safe for long-term use in pets with no side effects reported. Clinical study conducted in Japan had shown the benefits of Chamomile flower in the management of atopic dermatitis. The best results were observed in dogs taking the Chamomile flower orally and applying them topically onto the affected skin.

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