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Natural Pet Ultracoat Dry Shampoo (VN)
  • Natural Pet Ultracoat Dry Shampoo (VN)

    • Quick and easy waterless cleaning
    • Gentle to the skin and coat
    • Does not irritate sensitive skin
    • Ideal to use during travelling or cold chilly weather

    This dry shampoo is specially formulated as an easy waterless way to keep your pet’s fur clean, lustrous and smelling fresh. The key ingredients in this dry shampoo helps to absorb water, dirt and oily build-up from your pet’s skin and coat.


    It is an alternative to the normal shampoo and is ideal for between wet baths or for pets that afraid of water. As it is applied without water, it is convenient for travelling or cold chilly weather.


    Talcum is a naturally occuring mineral used as a body powder or deodorizing powder to absorb moisture, dirt and oil, helping skin feel soft, fresh and dry. It also reduces friction and chafing that can irritate the skin.


    Kaolin is a natural mineral clay that helps to absorbs excess oil and other impurities on the surface of the skin.


    Zinc oxide has antiseptic action to protect the skin and coat against a variety of skin conditions. Zinc oxide is used to treat and prevent rashes and other minor skin irritations. It works by forming a barrier on the skin to protect it from irritants and moisture.


    Magnesium aluminum silicate is also used to adsorb excess oil, moisture and to neutralize unpleasant odours on the body.


    Allantoin helps to soothe skin rashes and protect against dry skin and minor irritations. It works by promoting healthy skin and speeding up the growth of new healthy tissue for faster healing process.


    Nano silver is a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial agent to treat and protect the skin and coat from various skin infections.

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