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Natural Pet Ultracal Tablet (ID)
  • Natural Pet Ultracal Tablet (ID)

    • Unique ratio of 1:1 for Calcium and Phosphorus
    • Ensure the development of stronger bones and teeth in growing puppies
    • Support muscular contraction and skeletal structure
    • Vitamin A supports vision, normal growth and immune function
    • Vitamin D increases bone mineralization

    This supplement is specially formulated with a balanced ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus (1:1) which is important for the healthy development of bones in growing puppies. These essential minerals work synergistically to support structural system including bones, muscles, ligaments, tendon and skin. Bone development is important for puppies during the period of rapid growth.


    Vitamins A and D are included in this supplement to ensure that growing puppies achieve their optimal growth. Vitamin A is required for vision, normal growth and immune function. Lack of Vitamin A in growing puppies may directly relate to low growth rates, muscle weakness, poor vision, and loss of haircoat. Thus, Vitamin A is especially needed to support growing puppies.


    Vitamin D promotes the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus from the intestines into the body and also helps to maintain the optimal level of Calcium and Phosphorus in the body. Together with other vitamins, minerals and hormones, Vitamin D helps to promote bone mineralization and to increase the bone density and bone strength. Thus, adequate intake of Vitamin D from food or supplement and sun exposure is essential for bone health.

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